Carnitas is at the heart of what we do. Our pork carnitas is made the traditional Michoacán style—slow cooked and stirred in a large cazo (kettle). This makes for some of the juiciest and tastiest carnitas around and keeps our customers coming back for more! Get it by the pound or in one of our delicious tacos, either way the succulent meat melts in your mouth—as we’re always being told—making it the closest thing to beloved Michoacán carnitas this side of the border.
Nothing says México more than tacos. And our tacos are known for their large portions and savory flavors. Whether you select tacos of spicy carnitas, tender carne asada (grilled steak), juicy al pastor (marinated pork), or pollo asado (chargrilled chicken), you’re sure to leave smiling and satisfied.
Primarily undiscovered in the US, tortas are a well-kept secret and staple of Mexican cuisine. Tortas are Mexican grilled sandwiches in which we use our own fresh-baked buns to create flavors found nowhere else. You can choose from tortas of milanesa de res (breaded beef), carne asada, pierna adobada (marinated pork leg), carnitas, or pollo asado. However, our bestseller is our four-meat Torta Cubana, made of pierna adobada, milanesa, ham, seasoned head cheese, fresh avocado, Panella cheese, and refried beans. We highly recommend you try this traditional favorite, bursting with flavor from the first bite to the last.
With our burritos, we uphold our commitment to offering generous portions of authentic, hand-prepared Mexican cuisine; we serve fresh soft tortillas, direct from our tortilleria, filled with your choice of carne asada, lengua (beef tongue), al pastor, carnitas, fritanga (a combination of pork snout and pork carnitas), or pollo asado.
Our guisados (stews of the day) are a perfect way to experience popular dishes of everyday Mexican culture that are hard to find locally. Whether it is our Chicharrones En Salsa Verde (pork rinds in a green salsa), Guisado de Res (beef in a red sauce), or Chile Relleno (grilled stuffed peppers), our variety of guisados lets you enjoy a different native recipe every day of the week.
Our sweet-n-savory tamales are handmade fresh from traditional nixtamal (raw corn grains, soaked in lime, then ground to make a dough, or “masa”). Tamales can be ordered in tangy pork or chicken, seasonal favorites like chili and cheese, or sweeter, more dessert-like varieties.
Antojitos (Mexican appetizers) are a delicious start or complement to any meal. Our selection includes mouthwatering quesadillas (cheese-filled tortillas); gorditas (small, thick corn tortillas) filled with carnitas; taquitos (tiny, rolled tortillas) with guacamole salsa; and chips and salsa. Antojitos not only let you get a taste of many fabulous flavors, they’re a great way for groups and families to share in the celebration.